Fairmount is an active faith community with opportunities for people of all ages and stages. An extensive range of Church Activities help us know each other, and serve God. We are a congregation with open doors where all God’s children are welcomed and encouraged to explore the meaning of faith and spirituality in their lives. It does not matter whether you are 100% convinced of your beliefs; if you are struggling with questions about religion and moral values in our society; if you are a seeker or if you are simply looking for a church home where you can worship and serve; there is a place for you in our church community.

The sermons found here will be almost exclusively written by Fairmount’s current and past clergy. Pictured above, from left, Rev. Derek Starr Redwine, Senior Pastor and Head of Staff, and Rev. Eric Dillenbeck, Associate Pastor.

All are welcome
As beloved children of God, we welcome all persons to join our family of faith as full participants, regardless of age, race or ethnicity, national origin, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability, economic status, differences of thought and expression, or any other human condition. We celebrate and find strength in our diversity.

Our Mission
To worship God, To seek the way of Christ, To grow as an inviting, caring and challenging community of adults, youth and children in response to God’s unconditional love that transcends all human distinctions, and summons us to make a difference in the world.


One Response to “About Fairmount and her Pastors”

  1. Louis Hohl and Family Says:

    I would loke to take this time to thank Louise Westfall for all the countless sermons she has given that has helped guide me closer to the light and love of our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ.

    Louise your wisdom has helped us all through tough times. I pray deep within my soul that God’s protection and abundance of happiness be yours until the day of our Lord and thereafter. Much love to you.

    Louis G.Hohl,Jr.

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